New HRT Guidelines from the British Menopause Society

| August 10, 2013

The British Menopause Society (BMS) and Women’s Health Concern has issued updated guidelines on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to clarify its use, benefits and risks.  The new recommendations were published online May 24 and in the June print issue of Menopause International. Lead author Nick Panay, BMS chair states  “Our aim is to provide helpful […]


New Alzheimer’s Test

| April 11, 2012

A new tool to detect Alzheimer’s earlier and more accurately in patients at the earliest sign of memory problems.  The test uses a chemical called Florbetapir or Amyvid; aradioactive agent that tags clumps the sticky amyloid in the brain.  Amyloid proteins are the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s but  the presence of amyloid in the brain does […]